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Terms and Conditions

1: Damage in shipment is not the responsibility of or our courier*, it is the responsibility of the sender to ensure that the item is suitably packaged for shipment and will not be damaged. The original box that your device comes in is generally adequate for shipping. For smaller items a padded envelope or small box is generally sufficient. Please make sure it is sealed by a minimum of adhesive tape (sticky tape, gaffa tape duct tape are all better than no tape). This is to increase the security of the item during transit. If you do not have the original packaging and are unsure of how to package your item, please call us on 020 3829 0299 and we will advise. Please note if you are using manufacturer original packaging, do not send your gadget unless it includes the original foam/polystyrene inserts or other original packaging materials. If your packaging is deemed insufficient by either or our courier then neither the courier nor can be held liable or responsible for any damage incurred to the computer while in transit. If you cannot source any packaging materials, we do offer a service to supply them, however there is a charge for this. Any damaged, irreparable goods will either be returned to the sender (see point 2 for charges) or we will pay the faulty rate**.  If the item has a screen or glass that has become damaged in transit we will not offer on the item.  If you, the sender, believe that any packaging supplied by us is not adequate, please contact us immediately on 020 3829 0299. Please do not allow the courier or their staff to pack the item for you: they are not qualified to do so. Please also note that if you would like to purchase packaging supplies from us payment is required upfront and is a separate transaction. It is not taken out of the final payment for your goods.

 *Do NOT take the advice of the courier/pickup driver as they are not qualified to advise on packaging materials or pack your items sufficiently.

1a: In the unlikely event that your item is stolen or lost in transit by the courier, we will open an insurance claim for the cost of the goods. Once this has been paid we will be able to release payment to you. We will keep you posted with any updates pertaining to the claim and will be able to answer any questions, queries or comments you may have while the claim is ongoing by telephone or email. Our FREEPOST service with Royal Mail does not include any insurance. If you would like to take out additional insurance you will need to go to a post office and pay for it directly.

1b: An additional deduction of £30.00 will apply to Parcelforce collections in the Highlands, Islands and in Northern Ireland.

2: Our engineers are trained to a high standard, and will test your item to an industry standard level. Any faults or problems not specified at the time of agreeing to our terms and conditions will affect the quote significantly. In the event this happens, we will contact you immediately. If an item is tested and is found to be faulty when expected to be working, we are obliged to pay our current rate for faulty items. This can be found by getting a quote on our website for items in Grade E condition. If you are not satisfied, you can have the item returned to you at your cost (Point 17). We can provide reports of our testing results upon request.  Any items that are damaged beyond repair will result in an offer of £0.00

3: All computers submitted to are expected to have a UK English QWERTY Keyboard. If your's does not have a QWERTY keyboard, please make a note of this in the Additional Information box. Failure to do so will result in £30 being deducted from your quote.

3b: All Macs that originally shipped with a keyboard/mouse kit are expected to have these present. Orders that are submitted without these present will be subject to a £30.00 deduction in price (£20.00 deduction for older White Pro Keyboard/Mice)

3c: All items requiring a Sim (Phones, Tablets etc..) are by default are expected to be Unlocked/Unbarred. If an item is received Locked, and there was not an option to mark your item as unlocked a deduction of £100.00 will apply. When there is an option, a deduction of between £5.00 and £100.00 will apply on the up front quote.  Any items that are classed as Sim-Free and therefore not Unlocked will be classed as Locked.  

3d: All gadgets sent in as Grade A, B, C or D are expected to be fully functioning. Any missing or faulty parts will affect the quote. In some instances, the cost of faulty or missing parts will result in a negative valuation. In these instances, CashMyMac will pay Grade E "faulty" rate as a gesture of goodwill, unless in exceptional circumstances.

3e: CashMyMac does not accept any items that are iCloud locked.  This is due to Security concerns.  If an item is sent to us that is iCloud locked and the customer can not unlock it, the item will be disposed of.  Additionally if an item is sent in Grade E condition and cannot be tested i.e. no power, it will be presumed to be iCloud locked.  This only applies to items that can be iCloud locked

4: and its subsidiary trading partners and its websites are controlled and operated by Lyons Trading Ltd in the United Kingdom. By using these websites, you agree to the Terms of Use, all applicable laws and regulations (including export and re-export control laws). You also agree to be in compliance with any local or laws not explained by Lyons Trading Ltd. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use any website operated by Lyons Trading Ltd. All claims will be handled and will adhere to laws within the United Kingdom. Laws applicable in other territories will not apply. Lyons Trading Ltd does not guarantee that the materials and products on its websites are appropriate for use in all locations/territories, and it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the purchase and use of any such material or product is not prohibited in their location or territory.

5: Any information, data, images, drawings, photographs, and/or other materials you transmit, submit or post (or which you transmitted, submitted or posted in the past) to any Lyons Trading Ltd website will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary Submitted Information. Lyons Trading Ltd will have no obligations with respect to the Submitted Information, and by transmitting, submitting or posting Submitted Information to any Lyons Trading Ltd website you hereby grant to Lyons Trading Ltd, and its subsidiaries and affiliates, a worldwide, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicenseable and transferable license to disclose, distribute, display, perform, copy, reproduce, incorporate, prepare derivative works of, and/or otherwise use the Submitted Information for any and all commercial and non-commercial purposes, including without limitation in connection with the websites Lyons Trading Ltd operate.

6: Damage + Accessories: Any physical damage such as scratches, dents, digs in the units casing and components are not the responsibility of, regardless if claimed not to be there before being sent. We can provide photographic evidence of any damage upon request.

6a: Items received with any form of engraving / permanent security mark / permanent personalisation will be subject to a minimum £10 deduction in value or a grading of GRADE C and below.  This is due to the effect of removing such mark/engraving.

6b: Lenses are expected with DSLR gadgets, any received without a lens will be subject to a 20% reduction in value.

6c: Aftermarket accessories are not considered as "accessories", as Chinese replicas can sometimes be dangerous and will have to be recycled. We do not pay any cash value for non-original accessories.

7: All accepted quotes are agreements between and the customer. Once the goods have been collected, you are agreeing to receive payment of the agreed amount in return for your goods. You may request for goods to be returned after this point, however there will be a charge. Please see point 17 for more information.

7a: reserves the right to cancel an agreement at any time, for any reason, with immediate effect. In the unlikely circumstances of this occurring after we have taken delivery of your goods, we will return the goods to you at our own cost.

7b: Quotes are held and honoured for 14 days after the initial quote is accepted. Items received after 14 days may be subject to a reduction in price, should our quotation system be edited after your order.

8: Payment will be initiated within 3 working days of us receiving the goods from you. This does not mean you will receive payment within 3 working days, as bank transfers can take up to 5 working days during busy periods. We are only able to offer an estimated date of receipt of payment as transfer times vary from bank to bank.

 8a: Breakdown of payment options:

 • Bank Transfer - to process this we will need your bank account number and sort code, if you are not happy about supplying this information either by telephone or in writing then you will need to choose payment by PayPal.
 • PayPal - To process this we will need your PayPal user name (this is the email address you use to log in to PayPal). If you do not have a PayPal account then you can either create one for free at or you can opt to be paid by Bank Transfer.

*Please note that it is the responsibility of the customer to provide correct account details. Payments sent to incorrect accounts due to initially wrong details are not the responsibility of Lyons Trading Ltd, parent company of CashMyMac.

9: Data Removal. removes all user data from any device received at the earliest available opportunity. Although we use one of the most secure methods of removing data, will not be held responsible in the event of mistreatment of data or any other circumstances involving personal information, personal data etc. We strongly advise you fully data-wipe your item and back up any important files so that you are satisfied before sending to us. Any files still on the computer cannot be recovered. By accepting our terms and conditions you understand that you are fully responsible for any data and for the clearing of said data on any item sold to Once the item has left you, you should assume that all data stored within has been lost. Please bear this in mind before sending your computer to us to avoid loss of important or irreplaceable data. Any CDs, DVDs or other media included with your item can be recovered upon request. We will charge £2.50 for returning these items by Royal Mail and £15 for returning by courier.

Please note that any memory cards, CDs and DVDs are destroyed (via shredder) unless we are contacted with explicit instructions not to. This is integral to our strict data destruction policy. Please note that this may result in a loss of data should you request your items to be returned.

10: In the unlikely event of damage to our warehouse through fire, water damage, storms, terrorism, robbery, theft, explosion, act of god or other catastrophic disaster, in which stock/goods are damaged, we are obliged to pay our fully quoted amount as agreed to at time of collection. This amount is payable as per our terms. A full police/insurance report can be forwarded in the extremely unlikely event of any of these circumstances.

11: Our courier insures any consignment by default to a maximum £50. If you require extra insurance on your consignment please call us on 020 3829 0299. We deal with additional insurance for consignments on a case by case basis. If your computer is worth more than £50 as quoted by our website then you may wish to consider arranging additional insurance.

11a: Liability insurance is provided by our courier's own insurance division. If they deem, after an inspection, that the packaging of any item is not suitable, their inspectors’ decision is final and no compensation payment will be made.

12: Any missed collections due to the item not being available for collection; due to the premises being closed, inaccessible, the courier drive cannot find the premises or the parcel not being ready for collection will be charged at £25+VAT per successive attempt. This is a charge that the courier imposes for any collection attempts that are unsuccessful through no fault of their own. Any failed collection attempts due to a problem with the courier, or the driver attempting collection after 5pm will not be charged. If you fail more than one collection attempt then we will reserve the right to cancel your order and will not honour any further orders placed in your name or from your address. This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

13: Our courier cannot guarantee the time at which they will collect the parcel, the courier can only guarantee the date of collection. As they typically have many parcels to deliver as well as collections to do, we can only offer a window - normally 12pm to 5pm. We can extend this upon request, but we cannot make it any smaller. If collection from your home address will be a problem we can arrange a collection from a friend/relative's house or a work address at no extra cost. Collections in the London area can be anytime from 9am to 6:30pm. For more information we can provide contact details of your local courier depot upon request. If you wish to cancel or alter a collection we need to be informed the previous working day in order to perform any such alterations or cancellations of collections. Cancellations after this time may not be cancellable and as such will incur a charge. Any consignments that should be packaged within one box and are in multiple boxes will be subject to extra charges. The current additional Parcel Force box rate is £30.00 per box.

14: You must be 18 years or older in order to sell your mac through, as it binds a contract legally when you accept the quote. You must also be the legal owner of the goods, a condition that will be checked once the goods are with us. Any goods discovered to be stolen or any other fraudulent or criminal activity will be reported to the relevant authorities.

15. At present only accepts orders from within the British Isles. Highland areas and outlying islands are included but are subject to an additional charge imposed by our courier.

16. CashMyMac monitors and logs IP addresses and may block IP addresses from using our service for quality control. If you are not happy for your IP address to be logged then you have the right to decline to use our service and website.

17. CashMyMac must recoup any costs incurred in the event that an item is to be returned. This is defined on a case by case basis. If the collection has been made via ParcelForce, the collect/return charge is usually £30+VAT. Royal Mail amounts are worked out on a case by case basis, but as usually worked out as follows:  

All delivery costs including - The cost to send the FreePost pack to you and the cost for the postage of the FreePost delivery to us (Only applicable if you have had a freepost pack sent to you) + the cost to post the item back to you. On top of that there is a charge of 10% of the origianal product cost for the time spent assessing, erasing and grading the item.

17b. In the event that a revised quote is issued, we will contact the customer via email. If we do not receive a response within 7 days, we will contact via telephone or a further email. If, after a further 7 days (14 days total) we have not heard from the customer either way (either to accept or reject our quote) we will pay out the revised quote and take ownership of the gadget. This includes instances where the customer has requested the item be returned to them but has not paid the relevant fees within 14 days.

17c. If your item has been processed with Blancco, an additional charge of £12.00+VAT to cover the license cost and time involved will be applied if the item is to be returned.

18. All battery powered devices are expected to have a) the battery and b) the charger to be included. Should either or both of these items be missing we will deduct the market rate for a replacement. Failure to include these items may also increase the time taken to process your order as we are unable to test battery operated devices without a battery.

18b. Devices which take external memory / storage upgrades (Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Playbook, Motorola Xoom etc) must be submitted true to their original factory specification. For instance a Samsung Galaxy 8" 16GB must be submitted as a 16GB model, even if it has extra storage installed via SD card. Due to the nature of our business and our policy towards data, extra memory cards are shredded and do not count towards the value of the quote.

19. Car Radios received without a harness to convert it to a standard type used within the automotive industry we are unable to test your gadget and so can only pay the Grade E price for it.

20. Data Sanitisation Policy. Unlike other companies on the market, we care about the safe destruction of your data. A simple "zero" process on a hard drive, even if carried out multiple times is not a safe way to destroy data. We have invested heavily in the government approved software data destruction service provided by Blancco.

With the exception of the following items, we will pay for a Blancco software erasure on every gadget we buy. This is for our peace of mind as well as yours, and a full data erasure certificate will be emailed to you to confirm these details. The assets which are currently not supported by Blancco include:

- iPods (non iOS models) + iPod Touch 1st Generation
- Kindles
- Sat Navs
- Sky Boxes
- Xbox/Playstation
- Cameras
- Apple Airport Extreme / Time Capsule
- SSD driven laptops (MacBook Airs, Specialist MacBook Pros / Alienware etc)

With the exception of these items, we will go the extra mile to ensure that your data is sanitised and erased by government standards. We will use the safest method of data erasure on non supported models. By trading in your gadget with us and accepting our terms and conditions, you are agreeing that our methods of data erasure meet with your approval, and that you do not think there is a better way to handle the asset. We are not held responsible for any shortcomings in the erasure process.
21. In the event that any device is sent in without any identifying paperwork, markings, notes or labels we will leave it in quarantine for 30 days. After such time, if it is not claimed we will claim ownership of the device and dispose of it as we see fit.

22. If incorrect payment information is not adjusted within 21 days of the first request, the order will be cancelled, and the items disposed of.

*We reserve the right to change our courier at any time. We only use the biggest couriers in the UK and change from time to time to ensure the best customer service we can possibly achieve. The courier company may also change depending on your location. Please note that we do not allow or accept collections or deliveries from third party couriers for insurance and legal reasons. We only allow movement of goods via Royal Mail or our own courier account.

**Standard faulty rate is dependant on the item. This value can be found by getting a quotation on our website for your item and selecting condition as Grade E.


 "purchase request" refers to the completed process that the user must follow to input all information requested so that they may sell their mac to

"You", "Your", "the customer" and "the sender" refers to the individual who places the purchase request order through the website.

"The courier" refers to our chosen third party courier company. We reserve the right to change the company we use for transporting parcels to and from ourselves without prior notice. We will always inform you of the name of the company that will be collecting the parcel from nominated address.

"computer", "item" refers to the item that has been specified in the purchase request.

"" is a trading brand of Lyons Trading Ltd.